Seven practical steps to missional business

The blogs have been a bit academic recently...

So here's seven practical steps to crossing barriers and being an effective missional business person.

  1. Ask the Lord of the Harvest to give you his heart for the lost. What does that actually mean for you?
  2. Taste. Be willing to cross a barrier. Go visit a missional business. Deliver some training in your speciality. Take a risk, and see what God does with you. As we step out in faith, he does marvellous things.
  3. Examine your heart. Are there prejudices that mean you see people differently from how God sees them? Be open with yourself, and commit to learn and change.
  4. Get trained. This will be specific to person and context, but it would be surprising if someone without some biblical literacy should be crossing barriers to reach people in Christ's name. Ditto business literacy of an appropriate form.
  5. Talk to your church. The church is God's instrument, and the local church is the expression of that. Ideally, they should be able to hold you accountable in what you're being led towards.
  6. Understand the context where you're looking to do missional business (either joining an organisation, or setting one up). In particular, the church / Christian context. Learn and respect the environment you'd be stepping into. Ask others who have more experience than you.
  7. Pray some more. Immerse yourself in God's word. Ask for wisdom. And keep on taking the next step.