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Business: Crossing barriers

We want to help equip and serve the UK church, and particularly business people, to cross barriers with the good news of Jesus Christ, in the UK and across the world.

We do so because we believe people need to know Jesus. We focus on those areas where people don't get the opportunity to hear of Christ, usually because the church isn't there. That could be an urban estate in the UK, or somewhere 5,000km away.

We do so using the power of business to build bridges, create jobs, empower individuals, grow relationships and ultimately see new communities of Christ-followers (ie churches). Done well, business (enterprise) is a key tool in addressing poverty, injustice and inequality. It demonstrates love.

The whole church can be used by God to make disciples, and churches are engaging in workplace ministries more intentionally (ie where people are working currently). We exist to catalyse the next step: helping the church send business people with the good news of Christ to places where he is not known, and to reach out itself to surrounding communities. This could be part of a church planting strategy, through a mission agency or sometimes independently.

From tradespeople to managers, directors to administrators, everyone can play a role!

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Some wish to live within the sound of a chapel bell, I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of Hell.
— C T Studd


Business means any kind of service or product. Hairdressing. Coffee shops. Agri-training. Factories. Consultancy. Bakery. Language school. Vets practice. Gyms. IT services. Web design. Microfinance. Hotel. Apprenticeships. And so on...